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AR-15 Build Class

Will Marshall - Gunsmith








In the AR-15 build class we will go step by step through the process of learning to build your own AR-15. We will also be covering basic troubleshooting, maintenance of the AR-15, and answering any other questions about the AR-15/10 platform.

AR-15 Options to Prepare for Class:

Everything will be provided, including the AR-15's, but you are more than welcome to do one of the
following options as well.

- Purchase Rifle/Pistol: You can purchase one from us up to a week prior to the class. (You will be
required you to fill out a 4473, and pass a background check). After purchase and the approved
background check, the gunsmith will keep and disassemble the rifle in preparation for the class.
The firearm will be returned to owner on the day of the class.

- Purchase parts: You can purchase all of the parts yourself and bring them. If you are unsure of
all the parts you need, please feel free to reference the RGC Gunsmith’s AR-15 Build Parts List.
(This class will be limited to AR-15’s in 5.56 or 300 Black Out, in either a pistol or rifle

Things you will need: Unless you bring all of your own parts for the class, you will not need to
bring anything, as we will provide tools to use (which will be available for purchase as well).

RGC Gunsmith’s AR-15 Parts List

Upper Receiver Parts:

- Stripped upper receiver
- Upper receiver parts kit (Forward assist/pin/spring, Ejection port cover/pin/clip/spring)
- Bolt Carrier Group (BCG’s are the exact same for 5.56/.223/.300 blk)
- Charging Handle
- Barrel
- Muzzle brake (Either a crush washer or shims depending on if it's for a suppressor)
- Handguard/barrel nut (Barrel nut should come with the handguard)
- Gas block/tube/pin
- Sights (Are not required and can be purchased/installed at a later date)

Lower Receiver Parts:

- Stripped lower receiver
- Lower parts kit (these vary by what is in them, make sure you get a trigger and a grip if your
kit doesn’t come with them)
- Trigger (if it doesn’t come in your parts kit)
- Grip (if it doesn’t come in your parts kit)
- Buffer tube assembly (Buffer/tube/spring, and sometimes a stock as well.)
- Stock (if your buffer tube assembly doesn’t come with one)
- Magazine (so we can test fire)
- Trigger guard (If your lower receiver kit doesn’t have one, and your receiver doesn’t have one


Contact to register. 

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