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NRA Basic Rifle

Class Instructor

Omar Conger - Chief Range Safety Officer

Omar Conger - Chief Range Safety Officer




6-8 Hours


This course is the NRA Basic Rifle Course, taught by an NRA certified Basic Rifle Instructor.

This course includes classroom instruction, with hands on demonstration, and live fire range time. Topics to be taught: rifle safety, familiarization of different types of rifles, mechanical function of handguns, general maintenance, good practices and live fire/range time.

Private courses are recommended if you have children who are interested in learning basic firearms. These private courses can accommodate children ages ten and up (parent/guardian must be present).

This course does not include rental guns or ammo, both of which can be rented at regular fee.

Classroom instruction is accompanied by classroom materials/student packets.

Ages: 16 and up (parent/guardian must be present)