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Private Pistol Basics & Fundamentals

Class Instructor

Omar Conger - Chief Range Safety Officer/Head Firearms Trainer

Omar Conger - Chief Range Safety Officer/Head Firearms Trainer


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3 Hours


Receive private instruction.

Teaches basic pistol techniques, including (but not limited to): 3 shooting fundamentals (breathing, trigger squeeze and sight picture/sight alignment) and basic safety.

This course is designed for those that have no existing or very limited knowledge of how to shoot a pistol.

This course is not a marksmanship course, nor a course to learn or train on any advanced optics (anything beyond standard, factory iron sights).

This course will have 30-60 minutes of classroom instruction, followed by approx. 2 hours on the range.

This course is for those with common handguns: .22LG, .380Auto, .9mm, .40mm, .45 Auto

Requires 200 rounds of ammo

This course does not include rental guns or ammo, both of which can be rented at regular fee.

Ages: 14 and up (parent/guardian must be present)

To reserve private instruction, please call the store or email


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