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At Republic Gun Club, our indoor range has a little bit of everything for everyone. With three different bays, you can find exactly what you are looking for. From tactical to pistol to long-range, our 3 bays always make it fun and exciting for any firearm. Let’s take a closer look at Bay 1, our state-of-the-art tactical bay.

Most indoor shooting ranges are going to only offer traditional pistol and long-range bays, making it easy to sight in and practice stationary shooting. While this is critical to gun safety and becoming more comfortable with the gun, it lacks real-world scenarios. That is where a tactical bay comes into play.

Here at Republic Gun Club, we offer one of the only indoor tactical gun ranges in Waco, Texas. Our tactical bay allows you to practice real-world scenarios. Our programmable targets can be programmed to turn, rush towards you, and contain strobe lights. Our tactical bay can even be used for advanced down-range training with certified instructors. This bay is perfect for law enforcement training, security training, and even the every-day shooter who simply wants to put their tactical skills to the test. This type of training will allow you to become more comfortable in uncomfortable situations, ultimately making you a better and safer shooter. Schedule one on one training with one of our instructors to help build up your tactical skills and learn how to safely operate your firearm in tactical situations.

We can even pull a vehicle into this bay for an even more unique training experience. For this type of training, please contact our facility and speak with an associate for scheduling.

So if you are ready to take your shooting and training to the next level, come try our Republic Gun Club’s tactical shooting bay today!

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