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Gun Range | Republic Gun Club


As the leading indoor gun range in Central Texas, Republic Gun Club utilizes state-of-the-art technology to provide a safe and fun experience. Each of our three bays were designed for various levels of firearm enthusiasts and for various specific uses. Our facility has formally trained range officers that will ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Many of our Team Members are former police officers or military.


Are you looking for a more challenging shooting experience? Our tactical bay has programmable range systems that can be programmed to rush toward you, away from you, and pivot. We use this bay for advanced tactical training that involves real-life situations. With our highly skilled staff, you can participate in down-range training activities such as; low light situational training, moving and clearing a room, engaging a target while seating, or even shooting from inside a vehicle.


Our second 25-yard bay is for recreational shooters looking to have a nice relaxing time practicing their skills.  This bay is also used for more one-on-one basic training from one of our certified instructors. This is one of the most popular bays in our facility.


Our three-lane 100-yard rifle range is a great environment for every hunter in Central Texas.  Each lane is equipped with a camera that is fixed at the 100-yard position. Imagine sighting in your rifle without the need for a spotting scope! You can see each round placement in the privacy of your own stall by seeing each hit on a monitor within your stall.  Last but not least, this bay is rated to 50 cal! You don't own a 50 cal? Well, you are in luck, because Republic Gun Club can rent you one!

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