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Welcome to the training side of Republic Gun Club. Our classes are generally based on a ‘building block’
approach. We offer the basics and you can work your way up to advanced training, if desired. We have
a vested interest in our students and the most important class is the one you’re taking with us. Our staff
can instruct courses on handguns, rifles and shotguns; to include training for how to ‘sight in’ and use
red dot optics to traditional scopes*. Our class offerings include the basic Hunter Education, basic
pistol/rifle class all the way to customized advanced training. We also offer many academic only class

Our Training Philosophy is Simple
We strive to provide the student with effective, relevant training for defensive use, recreational
shooting or competition*. For most basic to intermediate level classes, our curriculum comes from
USCCA and/or NRA certified instructors. We offer a variety of firearms courses for the beginner to the
seasoned shooter. We understand that not every student has the same mission. Therefore, we are
available to work with groups or individuals to achieve the desired goal. Thank you for allowing Republic
Gun Club to be a part of your firearm training journey.
Find our currently scheduled classes and register HERE.

Please note our cancellation policy: For any group/publicly offered class posted on the class page of our
website and monthly calendar, we reserve the right to cancel 48 hours in advance in the event of no
student enrollment,
 unforeseen, or uncontrollable circumstances.

*Night vision and thermal scopes are not considered ‘traditional’, but training may be available with select staff members and may vary
depending on the manufacturer and model.

*Republic Gun Club does not currently offer competition courses or events, nor are we affiliated with any competition organizations or groups.
Our instructors can assist and train you in fundamental concepts and aspects that will generally set you up for success with various competition settings.
Looking for Texas Youth Hunter Education? Register HERE via the Texas Parks and Wildlife website.
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