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3 Advantages Of An Indoor Gun Range

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

If you have never been to an indoor range, you are missing out on some key advantages of a climate-controlled shooting range. Today, we will look at three advantages of an indoor gun range to give you a better idea of why Republic Gun Club is one of Waco, Texas’ leading gun ranges.

Takes Weather Out Of The Equation

The most obvious advantage of an indoor gun range is that it takes weather out of the equation. Cold weather, rain, wind, and extreme heat can deter many from visiting an outdoor range. You can train any day of the year by choosing an indoor range without any issues.

More Controlled Environment

You will have a more controlled environment in an indoor range as you will not have as many distractions. Being that outdoor ranges are out in the open, there may be other variables you will have to work around to get your training in.

Ability To Train In Various Lighting Scenarios

At Republic Gun Club, we offer various lighting scenarios to train in for a more unique and real-world experience. Our programmable targets can be programmed to turn, rush towards you, and contain strobe lights. We even have specific LEO training with red and blue strobe lights.


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