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3 Training Drills For The Range

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Shooting at the shooting range should be great training for you to get familiar with your firearm, work on your posture, and train on specific scenarios and drills. This will not only make you a better shooter with every visit, but you will also learn how to treat specific scenarios and be ready for just about anything.

3 Training Drills For The Range
3 Training Drills For The Range


One of the most common areas of firearms that many people do not train on until it is too late is malfunctions. For this training exercise, you can use blank rounds mixed in with live rounds to simulate a malfunction. Try to load a blank round randomly in with live rounds in a magazine so you will not anticipate when the misfire will come. If you have a range buddy, have them load it to keep the surprise, well, a surprise. Once you fire and hear the click, clear the weapon and get back to firing. This will train you on anticipating the recoil and speeding up the process of recovery.


While this training drill may sound like a malfunctioning drill, failure, in this case, refers to your rounds failing to stop your threat. In order to ensure your threat is neutralized, practice shooting at a target about 7-10 yards away. Shoot two rounds into the torso area and one in the head.

Shooting From Cover

This range training drill should be only performed under supervision in a range that is dedicated to these types of drills, similar to our tactical bays at Republic Gun Club. The shooting form cover drill should be used to practice crouching or hiding behind a static object, leaning out, and firing at your target. Start slow and work up to a comfortable speed. This will give you more real-world training when compared to a standard stand-and-shoot range day.

Indoor Shooting Range In Waco, Texas

If you are looking for an indoor shooting range in Waco, Texas, Republic Gun Club is going to be your best choice. With a wide variety of climate-controlled bays, an on-site gunsmith, and a large retail space carrying the latest and greatest in firearms, Republic Gun Club is Waco’s #1 gun range.


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