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Are Shooting Ranges Safe?

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Gun Range Waco Texas

If you have never visited a shooting range before, you may have questions regarding how safe they are. We are here to tell you that shooting ranges are one of the safest places to shoot a firearm. Shooting ranges, such as Republic Gun Club in Waco, Texas, are built with safety in mind and are equipped with trained professionals to ensure the safest shooting experience possible.

Shooting Lanes Designed For Safety

In a shooting range, you will find shooting lanes that allow for one shooter per bay. These shooting lanes are built with thick steel walls and sturdy benches to allow for you to easily load, operate, and disassemble your weapon in a safe environment.

Bullet Traps Stop Stray Bullets

Looking down range in a shooting range, you will notice angled iron hanging from the ceiling. These are bullet traps designed to stop stray bullets. These iron plates deflect stray bullets to the ground to ensure that the bullet does not ricochet into your bay or another shooter’s bay. These may be hard to see depending on the lighting, but most indoor shooting ranges will have these traps.

Built With Safety In Mind

Gun ranges, both indoor and outdoor, are built with shooter safety in mind. With thick steel walls between bays and reinforced concrete walls along the sides and back of the range, you can rest assured that shooting ranges are safe for any type of shooter following all of the range rules.

Range Safety Officers On Staff

Lastly, all high-quality shooting ranges are going to have highly-trained range safety officers overseeing the gun range. Range safety officers, often referred to as RSOs, are trained to safely and effectively oversee gun ranges to ensure the safety of everyone on the range. They have extensive firearm background and go through rigorous training to make sure that everyone who is in the shooting range is operating their firearms safely.

At Republic Gun Club, you will find all of these safety features and more to keep their shooting ranges as safe as possible.


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