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Is A .22 Pistol Good For More Cost-Effective Training?

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

With seemingly everything in the world rising in cost, ammo has not been spared. While nothing will keep us, avid shooters, from training, there are ways to reduce the cost of training while still getting your range days in. One of the biggest questions that come up when ammo prices rise is “is a .22 pistol better for more cost-effective training?”.

Is A .22 Pistol Good For More Cost-Effective Training?
Is A .22 Pistol Good For More Cost-Effective Training?

What A .22 Pistol Can Be Good For

Using a .22 pistol for training will undoubtedly be cheaper as .22 ammo is cheaper than most. However, if you are using a different type of gun than your concealed carry, it might not be a good practice habit. One way a .22 pistol can be used for cheaper training is to pick up a 9mm version of your concealed carry and outfit it with the same sights. While recoil will be different, you will still get the same grip control between the two pistols.

When A 9mm Will Be Better Than A .22

A 9mm will be better than a .22 if your 9mm has a much different recoil and trigger press. The constant repetition of a .22 could make you less responsive with a 9mm or larger pistol. You will most likely want to use your .22 for more form and posture training and the 9mm for trigger and recoil control.

Which Is Best For New Shooters?

If you are a novice shooter, a .22 pistol is a perfect pistol to get your form down with. There is little recoil, the ammo is very affordable, and you can train on the fundamentals of shooting on a budget. At Republic Gun Club, we offer a wide variety of pistols and have a gun rental program to allow you to get more comfortable with the best pistol for your needs without having to make a purchase.


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