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Texas LTC Class In Waco, Texas

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Republic Gun Club, a premier Waco firearms training and shooting facility, offers a comprehensive Texas LTC (License To Carry) class. This course is designed to provide individuals with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to safely and legally carry a concealed handgun in Texas.

Republic Gun Club - Texas LTC Class In Waco, Texas

Overview of the Texas LTC Class

The Texas LTC class offered by Republic Gun Club is an 4-6 hour course that encompasses theoretical and practical aspects of concealed carry. The class covers various topics, including firearm safety, handgun fundamentals, Texas firearm laws, non-violent dispute resolution, and the use of force. The class also includes a range qualification exercise, which enables individuals to demonstrate their understanding of gun safety and shooting proficiency.

Expert Instructors

The Texas LTC class is taught by skilled and experienced instructors certified by the Texas Department of Public Safety. The instructors have years of experience teaching firearm safety and concealed carry courses and are passionate about providing students with the best possible education and training. Students can expect a supportive and educational environment that prioritizes safety and learning. Get to know our Republic Gun Club team.

State-Approved Curriculum

The Texas LTC class offered by Republic Gun Club covers all the essential topics required by the State of Texas for obtaining a concealed carry license. The course is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to safely and legally carry a handgun and prepare them for the state-mandated written and shooting exams.


The Texas LTC class offered by Republic Gun Club in Waco is a comprehensive and essential course for anyone seeking a concealed carry license in Texas. Our class schedule is very frequent, allowing you to schedule your class when it best meets your schedule. You can also choose to do an online class and in-person range proficiency is you would like. Check out our LTC registration page to schedule your Texas LTC class with Republic Gun Club.


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