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What Classes Are Offered At Republic Gun Club?

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Gun safety classes are becoming increasingly popular at Republic Gun Club. With the prevalence of firearms in the United States, it’s important to stay informed on the best practices for safely using and handling a gun. Republic Gun Club offers a series of courses designed to help teach people how to use guns responsibly and safely.

Beginner Classes

  • Situational Awareness

  • Private Training

  • Church Safety/Protect Your Congregation

  • USCCA Pistol Basics and Fundamentals (BnF) 3hr

  • USCCA Pistol Mini Class (2hr)

  • USCCA RS | Realtor Safety

  • USCCA EFAF | Emergency First Aid Fundamentals

  • USCCA WDP | Women's Defensive Pistol

  • USCCA CCHDF | Conceal Carry & Home Defense Fundamentals

  • Hunter Education Classroom Course

  • Rifle Safety Class (13-17 Years Old)

  • Rifle Safety Class (8-12 Years Old)

  • NRA Basic Rifle Class

DPS Classes

  • RGC License to Carry

  • Texas LTC Online Course

  • License to Carry (LTC) Range Proficiency Qualification


  • AR-15 Care & Cleaning Class

  • Semi-Auto Pistol Care & Cleaning Class

  • AR-15 Build Class


  • Defensive Tactical Retreat Class - Intro

  • Vehicle Tactics

  • Shoot-N-Move 2.0

At Republic Gun Club, we strive to empower our members with essential gun safety knowledge so that they can confidently handle firearms in any situation whether it be for recreational or defensive purposes. Our instructors bring experience and enthusiasm into each classroom setting providing you with the necessary confidence required for successful participation in any type of firearm-related activity or sport.


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