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Republic Gun Club Presents
Tactical Pistol Shooting Competition

When: August TBA, 6p - 8p

Where: Republic Gun Club

Minimum Age: 12

Cost: $25 per Shooter

(Members Receive 10% Discount, But Must Sign Up in Store)

The Republic Gun Club Tactical Pistol competition is a fun, entry level, shooting competition. While the competition is designed in a mock IDPA format, the rules have been modified to fit our course. Each shooting participant will get 2-3 iterations.

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  1. Shooters must be able to demonstrate safety and competency in fundamental semi-automatic pistol safety and handling kills, to include drawing from a holster, in order to be eligible to shoot.

    1. Muzzle awareness and discipline.

    2. Trigger discipline, safe trigger position until ready to fire.

    3. Ability to safely load, unload and holster keeping the above in practice.

  2. Participants may demonstrate the above eligibility to shoot by a minimum of prior training or qualification:

    1. In possession of a valid License to Carry (formerly known as CHL).

    2. NRA Basic Pistol OR USCCA DSF and/or CCHDF

    3. RGC In-House Holster certification

  3. Gun, gear/equipment requirements:

    1. Gun categories:

      1. Open Modified: any caliber, any action type, any size, and red-dots

      2. Open Stock: any caliber, any action type, any size and iron sights

      3. Open performance: pistols designed for competition or performance

        1. For example: CZ Shadow or CZ 75 models are considered performance pistols.  Sig P320 Legion series or Pro/Max models are considered performance pistols.  Pistols with performance grade or modified triggers, suppressors, slide enhancements are all considered ‘performance’.

    2. Gear:

      1. A fitted or molded, OWB holster is required.

      2. Spare magazine

      3. Spare magazine holder/pouch is recommended

      4. Duty/war belt is permitted.

      5. Ear & eye protection – electronic hearing protection is highly recommended and encouraged.

  4. All participants must have reviewed the 28 range rules, watched the Republic Gun Club Safety and Etiquette video and have a signed digital waiver on file.  All participants will receive an additional ‘downrange’ safety briefing prior to the start of the event.

  5. The Tactical Pistol range will be considered a HOT range, wearing of eye and ear protection are required at all times – UNLESS an RGC staff member calls a COLD range and allows participants to remove eye/ear protection during the COLD status.  In addition:

    1. All participants are required to have and use an Outside the Waistband (OWB) style holster.  Kydex or molded style holsters are preferred and encouraged, but not required; however, the pistol must fit securely in the holster.

    2. All firearms are to be unloaded at all times until the participant is instructed to load and make ready at the firing line by the RSO/director.

    3. All firearms will be secured at a ‘safe table’.  Participants are not permitted to keep their pistols in their holsters in between iterations.  RGC Staff members conducting the Tactical Pistol competition are permitted to be armed throughout the event.  RGC staff members participating in the event are to follow the same arming rules as the other participants.

    4. There is to be no administrative handling and/or firearm manipulation behind the firing line.  Doing so will result in DQ and removal from the competition.

    5. Participants are free to handle ammunition and magazines at the individual lane benches.

    6. At completion of the stage firing sequence, shooters will eject magazines, show chamber clear, then release or close slide, pistol aimed downrange, trigger pulled to the rear with hammer down or striker not charged and firearm safely holstered before leaving the final shooting position.

    7. In the event of any participant, RSO or otherwise calling STOP or CEASE FIRE, the current shooter will stop shooting and hold safe position with the muzzle downrange until further instructed by the RSO/director on how to make their firearm safe.

    8. When the range is “HOT”, with a shooter and RSO/director at the firing line as instructed by the RSO/director, all other persons shall remain behind the safety line.  The RSO may authorize a secondary RSO or safety observer/coach to advance to a safe position ahead of the safety line if deemed necessary.

    9. Filming and/or photos are authorized.  The photographer or videographer will follow all instructions given by the RSO staff.

  6. During make ready and shooting, violation of the following rules may result in disqualification (DQ) for the remainder of the evening, as directed by the RSO/director:

    1. Turning or pointing the muzzle outside of a 180-degree arc from the firing line.

    2. Failure to return trigger finger to a ‘ready’ position outside of the trigger guard while moving or transitioning between shooting positions.  The trigger finger is only authorized to be within the trigger guard when arms are fully extended, aimed and ready to engage a target.

  7. Shooters may be warned on observation of potentially unsafe behavior and coached on the observation.  Repeated occurrences of the same behavior in one event may result in RSO/director electing to DQ the shooter:

    1. “Sweeping” the shooters own body with the muzzle during firearm handling (i.e. legs, feet, opposite hand).

    2. Accidental discharge in a safe direction (i.e. firing while the muzzle is obviously not in position on an acquired target, while not violating the 180-degree safety plane).

    3. All shots must be taken from a shooting position that results in a safe trajectory into the berm.  Shots taken that result in trajectories into the wall, floor, overhead baffles or ceiling will be charged and scored as a ‘Procedural Violation’ and procedural warning.

  8. All shooters (participants) are asked to assist with setup, scoring, taping, and tear down on Tactical Pistol nights.  Setup begins at 5:30pm.  Safety brief and course of fire walk thru starts at 5:45pm.  Hammer down at 6pm.  Late arrivals will be denied entry.

    1. All participants will tape with the exception of the shooter being scored and the scorekeeper.

    2. Time will be kept by a shot timer.  Overall time will be recorded by a RSO.

  9. General Rules – RGC Tactical Pistol follows modified IDPA rules.  We are not running sanctioned or organized league matches:

    1. RGC Tactical Pistol does not apply Flagrant Procedural penalties.

    2. RGC Tactical Pistol does not apply Failure to Do Right point penalties.  FTDR may be treated as a DQ by the RSO or Director.

  10. Scoring and taping:

    1. Scoring will be based off total time.

  11. Scoring:

    1. Winners and score lists will be posted to RGC internal social media

    2. The top 3 shooters in each category (Stock, Modified, Performance) will earn points towards a $100 Republic Gun Club Gift card (can be used on anything in-store).  Points will be distributed as follows:

      1. 1st place: 25pts

      2. 2nd place: 10pts

      3. 3rd place: 5 pts


Course of Fire:

All shooting will be at a shooting point or in forward movement.  All targets will be at the 25yard line.  Shooting point will be at various distances from the 25yard line.

There will be 4 shooting positions:

-Point 1: 20yards, Barrier/IDPA target, 5 rds total on target, +5 seconds for less than 5 rds (total 7 rds)

-Point 2: 20yards, Door/IDPA target, 5 rds total on target, +5 seconds for less than 5 rds (total 7rds)

-Point 3: 15yards, Window/reaction targets, failure to knock down all 6 targets +5 seconds (10 rds total)

-Point 4: 10yards, Drum/Reaction targets, failure to knock down all 6 targets +5 seconds (10 rds total)

Minimum 1 mag change

Minimum 22 rounds required per iteration

Maximum 34 rounds per iteration

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