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What Is Rifle Safety Class?

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

At Republic Gun Club, we put a large focus on gun safety. That is why we offer a variety of different training and safety classes to keep you and others safe when operating firearms. One of our most popular classes is our rifle safety class. Let’s take a closer look at what a rifle safety class is, how long they take, and how much it costs.

Republic Gun Club - What Is Rifle Safety Class?

What Is Rifle Safety Class?

A rifle safety class is a class that teaches you the four rules of gun safety along with hands-on classroom instruction and range time with live fire. This class will review three rifles: semi-auto, lever-action, and bolt action. Each rifle used in our safety class will be .22LG.

Who Is Eligible To Take This Course?

Our current rifle safety classes are offered to two different age groups. For our younger enthusiasts, we have a rifle safety class for those 8-12 years old. For teenagers, we have a rifle safety class for ages 13-17 years old. Those 18 or older can choose from a variety of different and more specific rifle training courses, including AR-15 building classes and rifle basics.

How Much Do Classes Cost?

At the time of this article, the rifle safety classes at Republic Gun Club costs $100 for both the 8-12 and 13-17-year-old classes.

How Long Do Classes Take?

Each of our rifle safety classes is going to be 2 hours long and will be taught by one of our certified instructors.

Firearm Safety Classes In Waco, Texas

If you are looking for gun safety classes in Waco, Texas, look no further than Republic Gun Club. Our staff has been hand-picked to ensure you are getting certified instructors teaching each class. Visit our classes page today to get more information or book your firearm safety class.


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