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7 Reasons Why Republic Gun Club Is The Best Gun Store In Waco, Texas

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

If you are looking for the best gun store in Waco, Texas, Republic Gun Club is going to give you everything you ever wanted in one convenient location. From an indoor shooting range to a large retail space full of the most popular firearms, Republic Gun Club is Waco, Texas’s #1 gun store.

7 Reasons Why Republic Gun Club Is The Best Gun Store In Waco, Texas

One Of Waco’s Largest Gun Store

With over 3,000 square feet of retail space, Republic Gun Club hit the scene as one of the largest gun stores in the Waco area. This means you can browse some of the most popular firearms while enjoying many of the other great amenities.

Indoor Shooting Range

One of the most popular amenities of Republic Gun Club and the reason it is so popular among Central Texas gun enthusiasts is the indoor shooting range. This climate-controlled shooting range allows you to get your training in no matter what weather or season it is.

Membership Perks

As a member of Republic Gun Club, you will get to enjoy great member perks not found at other Waco gun stores. Choose from three levels of membership to find the perfect level of perks for you or your family.

Gunsmith On-Site

Needing to have your gun checked out before or after you hit the range? No problem! Republic Gun Club has a gunsmith on-site with years of firearm experience to inspect and repair just about any firearm.

FFL Transfers

Needing to purchase, sell, or order a gun? Republic Gun Club offers FFL transfers to make buying or selling a firearm much easier. Members get discounted rates on most FFL transfers.

Gun Rentals

Want to try out a specific gun before you buy it? At Republic, you can rent out a wide variety of guns to try out at our indoor range. Be sure to ask about our .50 caliber rental!

Event Center

Lastly, Republic Gun Club has an event center that allows you to host banquets, parties, and team-building exercises at our facility.


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