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Reviewing the Beretta 92X Performance: A Modern Classic Re-imagined

The Beretta 92X Performance stands as a testament to the evolution of one of the most iconic pistol designs in the history of firearms. The original Beretta 92 pistol has a storied legacy, being the choice for various military and police forces globally, including a long tenure as the standard sidearm of the United States military under the designation M9. The introduction of the 92X Performance brings a fresh, competitive edge to a well-respected lineage, tailor-made for the needs of competitive shooters and firearm enthusiasts who demand precision and reliability.

Design and Build

The Beretta 92X Performance deviates notably from its predecessors by shifting its construction from the traditional alloy frame to a robust all-steel frame. This substantial change in material contributes to a significant increase in weight; the pistol weighs in at approximately 48 ounces (1,360 grams) unloaded. This added heft aids in reducing recoil and muzzle flip, allowing for faster follow-up shots, a crucial feature for competitive shooting scenarios.

The pistol sports a new, aggressive grip checkering and a beaver-tail that is noticeably higher than its predecessors, providing better ergonomics and a firmer grip, enhancing shooting stability and comfort. Additionally, the 92X Performance features a distinctive Brigadier slide, which not only adds to the overall weight but also offers enhanced durability and a lowered chance of wear and tear from rigorous use.

Trigger Mechanism

Beretta has outfitted the 92X Performance with a competition-standard trigger mechanism. This new setup offers a short reset and a crisp break, optimized for speed and precision. The trigger can be adjusted to personal preference, a feature that competitive shooters will find invaluable as they strive for that perfect shot. The double-action trigger pull is robust but smooth, transitioning into an incredibly light and crisp single-action pull.

A Beretta 92X Performance handgun with RMR sight.
Beretta 92X Performance

Safety and Customization

True to its competitive design, the 92X Performance incorporates an ambidextrous safety that doubles as a de-cocking lever, an upgrade from previous models. The safety levers are extended, making them easily accessible and operational without altering the grip on the weapon. This model also comes equipped with a built-in rail, allowing for easy attachment of a variety of accessories such as lights and lasers, further enhancing its utility in a wide range of scenarios, from home defense to competitive shooting fields.


In terms of performance, the Beretta 92X Performance delivers exceptionally. The accuracy is significantly enhanced by its heavy steel frame and improved ergonomics, which help in managing recoil and maintaining target acquisition. The pistol performs reliably with various ammunition types, showcasing consistent feeding and ejection without hiccups.


The Beretta 92X Performance is a standout model that bridges the gap between a classic design and modern tactical needs. It respects its heritage by maintaining the aesthetic and functional spirit of the original 92 series while introducing enhancements that cater to the competitive shooter’s demands. Whether for sport shooting, personal defense, or simply as a collector's item, the 92X Performance offers a compelling package of style, precision, and power. It signifies Beretta's commitment to innovation and its dedication to serving the needs of shooters around the globe.

For enthusiasts and competitive shooters alike, the Beretta 92X Performance is a worthy investment, promising not only top-tier performance but also a continuation of a legendary legacy in firearms design.


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