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Waco's Premier Indoor Gun Range

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

As a gun enthusiast, having a shooting range within driving range is key to keeping up with your training. For years, most gun ranges in Waco, Texas, were outdoor ranges, meaning you had to schedule around the weather to get in a good day of shooting. At Republic Gun Club, you get a climate-controlled, indoor shooting range experience to allow you to train all year round.

Waco’s #1 Indoor Shooting Range

Republic Gun Club is more than just a gun club; there are many other amenities for members and non-members to take advantage of.

Retail Space - With over 3,000 sqft of retail space, you can shop the latest and greatest in firearms and firearms accessories.

Indoor Range - Republic Gun Club offers three bays to cater to various gun enthusiasts. Choose from tactical bays, traditional pistol bays, and our 100-yard rifle bay to suit your training needs.

Event Center - Needing a space for your next private gathering? Republic Gun Club has an event center that can be rented out for family parties or large corporate events.

Gunsmith - As if having an indoor gun range isn’t enough, Republic Gun Club also has a gunsmith on staff to help you clean or repair your firearm.

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