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3 Tips For Winter Concealed Carry

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

With winter in full effect, the extra layers of clothes can make concealment easier, but drawing is a little more difficult if you are not used to it. Most gun owners practice drawing during warmer weather at an outdoor range or in a climate-controlled environment at an indoor gun range. This makes you very comfortable drawing with a light layer of clothes on, but what happens when you have a coat or jacket on? Today, we are going to give you 3 tips to remember when concealing during the winter.

3 Tips For Winter Concealed Carry
3 Tips For Winter Concealed Carry

Drawing With Extra Layers

During the colder months, you will most likely be wearing more layers than what you are used to throughout the year. Most gun owners train on nicer days and don't think about additional layers when it's 70+ degrees outside. In order to get comfortable drawing your firearm in the winter, you will need to get some range time in wearing extra layers.

Drawing/Shooting With Gloves

If you wear gloves during the winter, you will want to get some training in wearing your winter gloves. The added thickness of the gloves can easily make it harder for you to operate your firearm in the winter. Bringing your gloves to the range can help get you more comfortable for winter concealment.

Knowing How You Shoot In The Cold

Training in optimal weather is fun, comfortable, and easy to do, but what happens when the temperature drops and your hand are shaking in the cold? This can seriously affect even the most experienced shooters, so this needs to be taken into consideration when training. Be sure to train in all weather situations so that you become more comfortable shooting in any temperature.

Indoor Gun Range In Waco, Texas

If you are wanting to practice drawing your concealed carry gun with several layers on, Republic Gun Club’s indoor range is the perfect location. Offering a climate-controlled gun range, all year round, you can get more comfortable drawing in any type of situation. Give us a call or fill out our contact form online for more information.


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